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NOVEMBER 11 2013
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 Hit man kills friend and kills himself! They kill mother of possible victims and are attacked by neighbours; after shooting his accomplice he kills himself.

They scatter corpse! They find body carved up in bin bags; in one borough they throw the head and in another the torso, arms and legs.


(Image: The crowd torched several vehicles.)

Five people detained for disturbances; there was a riot over the death of a trader!
By Marisol Islas Suarez Photos by Cuartoscuro. Guadalupe Victoria, Puebla.
The Attorney General’s Office of Puebla achieved the detention of five people linked to the violent happenings in this municipality after the death of a person for presumed assault. The detainees are Pedro Enrique Islas Espinoza, José Islas Espinoza, Pedro Islas Navarro, José Irinieo Santiago Arcos Romero and Zenón Romero Mata, who are being investigated for the crimes of damages to third-party property by arson and damages to the general means of communication and to the safety of transport means and others. The five people at the disposal of the Attorney General are supposedly related to the damages that up until now add up to: arson to the Municipal Presidency of Guadalupe Victoria, to the place of residence and clinic of the councilman, as well as four police cars reported as write-offs, and partial damage by arson to a private Jetta and a Peugeot van with official DIF logos. Damages by arson also affected two automatic teller machines in the patio of the Municipal Presidency and damages to the command headquarters of the Municipal Police, to the offices of the Civil Registry and the Mexican Post Office.

The state dependency detailed that last November 5, around 22:00 hours, the Social Representative arrived in Calle 7 Norte and Avenida Independencia in said municipality, to remove the corpse of Ernesto Osorio Cervantes, 30 years old, who died of a shot to the head. According to the prior enquiry, the victim was the owner of a confectioner’s and was found dead in the interior of a Nissan van, pick up Frontier, however, until now it is not known how these facts happened. Because of the above, a group of townsmen manifested themselves outside the Municipal Presidency and later caused damages, burning said facilities and two ATMs found inside the building, as well as four Municipal Police police-cars. Likewise, they went to the councilman’s house and a clinic belonging to him, which were ransacked and burnt. Seeing this, the Public Ministry, in coordination with the Ministerial Police of the state and specialists, are carrying out the corresponding procedures and investigations, with the aim of solving the homicide, as well as acting against those who result responsible of such violent acts.


Half a dozen deaths in the Eastern area of the Estado de Mexico; kidnappers victimized, waitress and client eliminated, two burst with submachine guns!
(Image: The young waitress was killed without reason.) (Image: He kills and kills himself.) (Image: Victim of her friend.)

By Ismael Euroza Calzada. Nezahualcóyotl, Edomex.
The devil was let loose in three neighbouring municipalities in the Western area of the state: Nezahualcóyotl, Los Reyes la Paz and Chimalhuacán, in each one organized crime deprived two people of life. In Chimalhuacán, a van with license plates MLS-47-49, parked

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in front of the house marked with number 40 on the street Franciso Villa, in the neighbourhood of Acuitlapilco, where individuals entered the building with violence looking for the brothers Javier and Israel Guerrero Lopez, 18 and 19 years of age, to “pick them up” (kidnap them) for invading their drug selling territory. Mrs Maria de Lourdes López López, 60 years of age, mother of the young men, told the intruders that they weren’t home so one of the strangers shot the woman at point blank range, who was badly hurt and when she was on her way to hospital ceased existing. Neighbours who realised what happened, joined together and armed with sticks and stones persecuted the attackers, but the criminals sped up the red Chevrolet van, license plates MLS 47-49, and on the street Arenal and Tezontle crashed against a Pointer car and made impact with the sidewalk. The driver descended from the unit to escape on foot, but a woman from the gang that was with him became very nervous and started shouting, so the individual shot her as she was kneeling in the unit. The man tried to escape by threatening a passenger minibus, but his colleagues aided him and scared the delinquent,

(Image: In the van of the hit man the woman remained) (Image: In this minibus tried to run the Mafioso) (Image: Two men were executed in Reyes La Paz)
who was already being chased by several people and several moto-taxis. As a last resort, the criminal went into the Secondary School 152, and for fear of being lynched placed the firearm on his head and pulled the trigger, becoming lifeless in that place.


Extract (work in progress, accompanied by the Alarma! series of drawings)